Pacific Motion Control offers an extensive line of remote, repeatable, and motion control camera heads ranging from the small and portable Talon, to our full size pan/tilt and pan/tilt/roll motion control heads, capable of carrying the largest film cameras and 3D camera rigs.

Aerohead P/T/R and P/T Heads

The revolutionary Aerohead repeatable remote head is designed with the cameraman in mind. Industry standard pan/tilt/roll wheels make the Aerohead easy for any operator to use.

Motion Control Head

Motion Control Pan/Tilt and Pan/Tilt/Roll Heads

Pacific Motion carries an extensive line of motion control Pan/Tilt and Pan/Tilt/Roll heads, including servo motor and stepper motor models. These heads are perfect when precise repeatability is required. Our Mini P/T/R  head is small and lightweight and is perfectly suited for small digital cameras. It can also be configured as a 3-axis model mover. Our full-size P/T/R and P/T motion control heads can accommodate the largest 35mm film cameras and multi-camera 3D setups.


The Talon

The Talon is a high quality compact pan / tilt camera repeat head designed for HD cameras and compact camera systems. The Talon is very precise, quiet, and capable of smoothly controlling cameras with extreme zoom lenses. The motion is repeatable and frame accurate.