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Pacific Motion Control

Excellence in Motion

First-Class Equipment to Help You Get the Perfect Shot

Providing Quality Equipment for Your Cinematography Needs

Welcome to Pacific Motion Control. Our innovative line of gear is manufactured by Mike Sorensen and Al Miller, and by Technocrane. Sorensen and Miller are two of the most important developers of motion control technology and share a Technical Achievement Oscar for their design of the live-action motion control Zebra dolly.

Our rental inventory also includes the Graphlite, Gazelle, Cheetah High-Speed Dolly, Bogey Dollies, 5 motion control camera heads, the Talon and Aerohead repeatable camera heads, and the state-of-the-art Technodolly programmable telescopic camera crane. All of our equipment has been designed with portability, reliability, and versatility in mind. Owner Craig Shumard has over a decade of set and manufacturing experience.

In addition to a staff of veteran Kuper Motion Control and Technodolly operators, we have the ability to make almost any shot possible. With the help of Bill Tondreau at Kuper Controls, a number of visual effects supervisors, and several digital post-production houses, we continue to be at the forefront in our field.

Pacific Motion Control is able to assist its clients in all phases of production - from pre-production, meetings, scouts, to the transportation of the equipment. Since the industry is now a worldwide business, we have adjusted our billing for travel days of the gear to offset your overall cost. Our continued goal is to support production in all aspects while adding to the overall quality and efficiency of your production needs.

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We offer:

  • The most comprehensive line of motion control equipment and repeatable and programmable equipment available
  • Full support services from pre-production to location scouting
  • Motion control technicians and operators with extensive commercial, episodic, and feature film credits
  • Flexible pricing structure that meets the needs of today’s cost-conscious production industry
  • Transportation support when possible to ease the burden on production staff
  • The Technodolly programmable telescopic camera crane
  • Multiple repeatable and programmable remote camera heads
  • A full line of motion control accessories including turntables and model movers
  • An unrivaled commitment to customer satisfaction

Motion Control Services and Equipment

  • Motion Control Camera
  • Motion Control Cranes
  • Moco Systems
  • Motion Control Dolly
  • Motion Control Rigs
  • Motion Control Gantry Systems
  • Motion Control Rental
  • Technodolly Programmable Telescopic Camera Crane
  • Graphlite Motion Control Crane
  • Live Action, Miniatures, CG, Special Effects
  • Overhead Graphlite (Gantrylite) Motion Control System
  • Gazelle Motion Control Crane
  • Zebra Motion Control Dolly
  • Cheetah Motion Control Dolly
  • Motion Control Bogey Dolly
  • Remote Heads (Aerohead and Talon Remote Heads)
  • Motion Control Camera Heads (Pan/Tilt Heads, Pan/Tilt Roll Heads)
  • Motion Control Turn Tables
  • Motion Control Model Movers
  • Cheetah High Speed Track Drive – The Fastest in the Industry!
  • 3D Motion Control Camera Systems
  • Stop Motion
  • Time-Lapse, High Speed, Slow Motion
  • Kuper Motion Control Software
  • Maya Models for Pre-Visualization
  • Varizoom CinemaPro Master Motion Control System (Talon) – Including wireless system, VZ-TOC: Total Optical Control (Zoom / Focus / Iris), CinemaPro Advanced Controller (Full function Remote), CinemaPro Two axis Hand Wheel box, Encoded Pan Bar Encoded fluid head, Bloop Light, Head Extension 2″ Extension riser for additional camera clearance