Specialty Rigs to Meet Your Set’s Motion Control Needs

Specialty Rigs

Pacific Motion Control

Bogie Dolly and Cheetah Dolly

When you don’t need the full range of motion provided by our Zebra, Gazelle, or Graphlite motion control rigs, our extensive line of motion control dollies could be the answer. Our Motion Control dollies come standard with 36 feet of track, and a Pan/Tilt or Pan/Tilt/Roll head, and can be used with shorter, or much longer track runs. Our new Cheetah Dolly is able to travel at a blinding 18 feet per second, for tracking the fastest live-action subjects, including professional athletes at full speed. Our dollies can be configured for narrow or wide gauge track, for doorway access, and can be used on curved or straight track.

Pacific Motion Control

Controls and Encoders

A variety of controls and encoders, including P/T/R wheels, hand wheels, pan bar, t-bar, and Preston FIZ controls, are available for performing real-time live-action moves, which can be precisely repeated.

Pacific Motion Control

Preston FI+Z

Our Preston Interface allows us to precisely control Preston Lens motors, and interface with Preston 1 or 2 series hand controls, for familiar and reliable lens control. We also can supply our own complete Preston 2 kit for your next shoot.

Turntables, Model Movers, and Accessories

Pacific Motion has an extensive collection of motion control turntables, rotators, model movers, motion control variacs, and other accessories. If you have a special motion control need, chances are, we have the perfect solution, and if we don’t, ask us about our custom motion control solutions.

Motion Control Linear Mover

Pacific Motion Control has a Motion Control Linear Mover with approximately 3 feet of travel, and a maximum load capacity of 500 lbs. Its motion is frame accurate and fully repeatable and is controlled with Kuper Motion Control Software. The slider can be run in sync with any of our motion control camera rigs, turntables, motion control camera heads, or motion control accessories.


Pacific Motion Control carries a full line of motion control turntables. We also motorized turntables with simple speed and direction controls. Our turntables feature precision rotators from Sorensen Design and Motion Concepts, and come in a variety of sizes, allowing precision movement of very large or small items. Our motion control turntables provide frame-accurate movement and speed and direction control, which can be easily coordinated with any of our motion control rigs.

The Cyclone

The Cyclone is a one-of-a-kind motion control rig. Similar to circular dolly track, it allows for continuous rotations around a stationary central point. However, unlike circular dolly shots, the Cyclone allows much faster rotations, continuous rotations (without dragging cables around track), and faster and simpler setups (no track leveling). The Cyclone can be used either on the ground with a fixed platform in the center or hung from above allowing unobstructed views below. The Cyclone is normally outfitted with our Talon Pan/Tilt Head, which can be operated live as a remote head, or used as a repeat head. Additionally, the Cyclone and Head can be programmed and operated from Kuper motion control software for perfect repeatability, precision, and extreme control over your shots. The camera pedestal height can be easily adjusted to allow for a wide range of camera angles, or to accommodate actors of different heights, and the cyclone is completely portable and able to be shipped anywhere in the world.

Hugo Boss “This is Boss” Commercial

Linear Movers

Motion Control Linear Mover – Motion Control Slider – Motion Control Model Mover

Motion Control Vertical Riser

Pacific Motion Control carries a full line of linear movers, including small and medium linear movers with 1′, 2′, and 3′ of travel. Additionally, we can provide track systems with from 4 feet to more 100 feet of track, for very long lengths of travel. Our large linear mover has a maximum load capacity of 500 lbs. All of our linear movers provide precise, frame-accurate motion and repeatability, and can easily be used with any of our motion control camera rigs, turntables, motion control camera heads, or motion control accessories. Additionally, we can supply simple speed and direction controllers for live control.

Mini Pan/Tilt/Roll Head

The Sorensen Design Mini P/T/R head can be used as a compact motion control camera head or 3-axis model mover. Outfitted with precision stepper motors and controlled by Kuper motion control software, it is fully repeatable and can be used as a stand-alone head or in conjunction with our full motion control systems, including the Graphlite and Gazelle motion control camera cranes, and the Zebra motion control camera dolly.

Custom Solutions