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Targeting has been enabled in the latest Technodolly software release.

Technodolly Targeting Mode

• Enter in all info of L1-L5 in Settings/Geometry settings.
• Calibrate lens in meters, under Yellow Lens box.
• Go to Settings/Interpolation settings and check the third radio button on bottom under “Head interpolation mode”.

• Point Camera at object and “Define by current crosshair”

• Keep keyframes <90 degrees apart and don’t exceed 90 deg down on tilt.


Franklin Templeton “Emerging Opportunities” Commercial

Franklin Templeton “Emerging Opportunities” Commercial

We shot the live action portions of this commercial with the Graphlite at Goal Line Productions, in Pleasanton, CA (John Madden’s studio). Production had already shot the background plates with a crane and had tracked the shots. The tracked data was fed into Kuper and used to control the Graphlite to capture all of the actors on a green screen cyc. Because the crane that the background plates were shot on was larger than the Graphlite, Mike Leben, the motion control operator, had his work cut out for him. He had to do a ton of math and scaling and Kuper magic to make the shots work. In the end it, it was worth it. The commercial turned out really nice.

The spot was shot on a Red Epic.

Motion Control Operator: Mike Leben
Motion Control Tech: Garritt Hampton

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