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One Main Financial Commercial

One Main Financial Commercial

Filmed with a motion control servo pan/tilt head.

Motion Control Operator: Paul Maples
Motion Control Tech: Garritt Hampton

Super Mario Galaxy 2 for Nintendo Wii Comercial

The Graphlite motion control camera crane was recently used to film a commercial for Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Nintendo Wii. The commercial was filmed on a stage in Mexico, demonstrating that even our largest motion control rig is fully portable. In this case, the Graphlite, Kuper motion control computer system, and track were all packed into cases and flown to Mexico. Multiple setups and motion control passes were used to make it appear as if the actors are in a spherical world, and able to run, jump, and flip like Mario.

Kohler Flipside Handshower Commercial

Pacific Motion Control recently had the opportunity to work on this commercial for the new Kohler Flipside Handshower. A motion control head, motion control model mover, and motion control bogey dolly were used to film the precise, choreographed movements of the shower head. While multiple passes were filmed to give the effect of multiple choreographed shower heads, motion control was also used for the precise camera movements highlighting the single shower head.

Motion control is often the perfect option when steady, precise camera movements are needed, which would be difficult to capture with a handheld camera, or manual dolly or jib. These beauty shots often can be captured in much less time using motion control, and motion control adds the luxury of precise repeatability for multiple takes.

Grainger “Conveyer Belt” and “Hand Delivered” Commercials

Grainger “Conveyor Belt” Commercial

Grainger “Hand Delivered” Commercial

At the end of 2009, we had the chance to work on two commercials that were a great example of how motion control can be used. These Grainger spots were filmed two at locations in the Los Angeles area, using the Zebra Motion Control Camera Dolly. Motion Control was used to give the look of continuous motion, and seamless transitions between widely varied locations and sets.

Produced by Kommitted Films
Agency –  Two By Four
Director – Nathan McGuinness
Executive Producer – Marc Siegel
Producer – Jodi Fisher
D.P. – Amir Mokri
Motion Control Operator – Mike Leben
Motion Control Tech – Craig Shumard
Motion Control Tech – Garritt Hampton

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