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Kia Commercial – Filmed with the Gazelle

Kia Commercial

In this commercial, the final beauty shots of the car were shot with the Gazelle in Griffith Park, California. Motion Control is not always for Visual Effects shots. Sometimes motion control is used for just moving a camera precisely and beautifully. This commercial is a great example of that. Because Kuper motion control software allows you to program moves, record encoded moves, or combine the two techniques, you can create shots that look completely organic and handheld or very precise and robotic, depending on the needs of the shoot.

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Blue Microphones Releases MoFi Audiophile Headphones

Blue MoFi Headphones

Mo-Fi – True. Mobile. High Fidelity.

The beautiful product shots for this introduction video were shot on the Gazelle motion control camera crane, at the Pacific Motion Control stage. A Sorensen motion control Pan/Tilt head was also used as a model mover. Get yours at MoFiHeadphones.com.

DP: AJ Raitano
Motion Control Operator: Joshua Cushner
Motion Control Tech: Garritt Hampton

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