Motion Control Camera systems can range from a small motion control pan/tilt head to a full motion control crane. Pacific Motion Control can help determine which system best suits your needs, and can walk you through the motion control process so that the experience is enjoyable and produces a great final product.


Zebra Motion Control Camera Dolly

The Zebra Motion control dolly is our smallest, quietest, and most portable full motion control camera rig. It has a maximum lens height of approximately 10′, but can easily pass through most doorways.

Gazelle Motion Control Camera Crane

Our brand new, Gazelle motion control camera crane is our medium motion control rig. It has a maximum lens height of approximately 11.5 feet in its standard configuration, but the rig can be reconfigured to reach as high as 12.5 feet.

Graphlite Motion Control Camera Crane

The Graphlite motion control camera crane is our largest motion control rig. In its normal configuration, it has a maximum lens height of almost 16 feet, but with the addition of an available riser and arm extension it can have a lens height of almost 20 feet. additionally, the Graphite has the longest reach of any of our motion control rigs, with a maximum distance of over 15 feet from pivot point to lens nodal.

Gantrylite Portable Gantry Motion Control Rig based on the Award Winning Graphlite Motion Control Camera Crane

Gantrylite Portable Gantry Motion Control Camera Rig

UPDATE!!! – The Graphlite is now available as a mobile gantry motion control camera rig! Call Pacific Motion Control at 818-768-1573 for more details. Pictures and video coming soon.

Cheetah Motion Control Camera Dolly

Cheetah Dolly – The Fastest Motion Control Camera Dolly Around!

Dollies, Turntables and Accessories

In addition to our extensive line of full motion control rigs, we also offer several other products to suit your needs. With a top speed of 18 feet per second, the Cheetah Dolly, is the fastest motion control camera dolly around, and is perfect for ultra high-speed motion control moves. Our Bogey Dollies feature precision stepper and servo track motors for reliable repeatability, and can be configured with either a motion control Pan/Tilt or Pan/Tilt/Roll camera head. We also have a number of motion control turntables, model movers, variacs (for precision control of lights and other electrical equipment), and accessories. Additionally, we can provide custom or modified equipment to suit your needs.