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Behind the Scenes at New Deal Studios

Over the years Pacific Motion and New Deal Studios have had a great relationship. Countless projects have married the model making, miniatures, and visual effects skills of the geniuses New Deal with the motion control expertise of Pacific Motion Control. This behind-the-scenes piece features footage of several of the jobs we have collaborated on and features several of our rigs. We look forward to many more projects with the great people at New Deal Studios

Behind the scenes at New Deal Studios

A short list of our collaborations:
Shutter Island
The Lone Ranger
The Dark Knight
GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra
Real Steel
Spiderman 3
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
Many, Many more

Blue Microphones Releases MoFi Audiophile Headphones

Blue MoFi Headphones

Mo-Fi – True. Mobile. High Fidelity.

The beautiful product shots for this introduction video were shot on the Gazelle motion control camera crane, at the Pacific Motion Control stage. A Sorensen motion control Pan/Tilt head was also used as a model mover. Get yours at MoFiHeadphones.com.

DP: AJ Raitano
Motion Control Operator: Joshua Cushner
Motion Control Tech: Garritt Hampton

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Special Olympics Texas Spot – Filmed at Pacific Motion Control with the Graphlite

Special Olympics Texas from Landia on Vimeo.

These spots were filmed for Special Olympics Texas, for their “We See Abilities” ad campaign>. They were filmed on the stage at Pacific Motion Control, with the Graphlite motion control camera crane. Multiple passes were filmed, at multiple frame rates, both forward and reverse, to allow for the multiple elements to appear in each piece. The safety and comfort of the babies was the highest priority on set and the Graphlite allowed for safely and precisely moving the camera very close to the children. The spots were filmed on an Arri Alexa.

Production Company – Latinworks
Production Company – Landia
Artist – Queenie Liao
Director – Carlos Lopez Estrada
Motion Control Operator – Joshua Cushner
Motion Control Tech – Garritt Hampton

Behind the Scenes

Photos for the Print Campaign by Queenie Liao

Ecko Unlimited Commercial

Spec commercial for Ecko Unlimited featuring a ton of motion control by Pacific Motion. Multiple passes were filmed using the Gazelle motion control camera crane. For the first pass, an actor in a Chroma Green suit was filmed as he “painted” the man on the wall. In the second pass, another actor stood with his back to the wall, then “broke away”, wiped himself off, then walked away. A third pass of clean background plates was then shot. This was done over multiple setups, in an actual dirty parking lot and alley in downtown Los Angeles.

Director – Jack Wung
Motion Control Operator – Paul Maples
Motion Control Techs – Craig Shumard, David Mansour, Garritt Hampton
Gazelle motion control camera crane provided by Pacific Motion Control

Leverage Season 3 Promo – TNT: Behind The Scenes

TNT Leverage Season 3 Promo – Behind the Scenes

Pacific Motion Control’s Cheetah Dolly was recently used to film a promo for season 3 of the TNT show “Leverage”. The dolly was running at full speed and carrying a Phantom HD high-speed camera. The rig captured some breathtaking footage of the Leverage cast frozen in the act of creating mayhem.

TNT Leverage Season 3 Promo

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