Old Navy Presents: The New T Machine
Filmed with the Technodolly
Technodolly Operator: Anthony Jacques
Technodolly Tech: Adam Francis

This was one of our first jobs with the Technodolly. It was shot over the course of 2 days, at an ENORMOUS stage in Downey, California (Downey Studios – the former North American Rockwell Plant, where the space shuttle was built). In the Commercial, Mr. T plays multiple versions of himself around his Old Navy “T Machine”. The commercial was shot on an Arri Alexa and involved several setups around the “T Machine”, in which Mr. T would play multiple characters in each shot (Twinning Shot). In one extremely complicated shot, Mr. T gives himself a high five. This was accomplished by shooting multiple takes of Mr. T giving a tennis ball on a c-stand a high five, from both sides. Mr. T was really fun to work with, and took the time to shake everyone’s hand and introduce himself to everyone on set – a huge crew. He was friendly and funny throughout the very long shoot.