True Blood, Episode 707 “May Be the Last Time” – Behind the Scenes

From Director, Simon Jayes, “This sequence from True Blood Episode 707 “May Be the Last Time” was achieved via a repeat motion head.

The entire “move” was built ahead of time, but the shot itself was made up of a number of takes as it was impossible for the actors to get to the next position in time. The individual takes were then “stitched” together in the edit process (a very simple “match frame” command in the Avid).

Unlike traditional motion control, each time the camera stopped moving the pause was ‘wild’, i.e. of-no-specific-length. This allowed for some flexibility in each actors’ performance between different takes. As soon as the actor finished each part of the scene, the remote head would be manually triggered to advance (in full Moco) to the next position and then wait again.

The speed on the remote head panning, tilting and zooming to the next position necessitated programming in an audible beep to be able to cue each actor.

I had great fun coming up with this sequence and would like to thank Craig and Joshua from Pacific Motion Control for helping make it a reality.”

Director – Simon Jayes
Motion Control Operator – Joshua Cushner
Motion Control Tech – Craig Shumard