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NBC “Believe” Promo – Filmed with the Cheetah Dolly

NBC “Believe” Promo 2 “Feel It”

NBC “Believe” Promo 2 “Feel It” – Behind the Scenes

This promo is called “Feel It” and was filmed with the Cheetah high-speed motion control Dolly from Pacific Motion Control. The Cheetah dolly was used to film multiple passes, including background plates, special effects (cars falling), and actor passes. In a shot like this, many times actors are filmed separately from special effects for safety. These multiple passes are then combined in post for a seamless effect. In order to ensure that all passes match, Kuper motion control software provides camera sync, via a shutter pulse from film or professional digital cameras (Red Epic, Arri Alexa), or through video sync (Genlock) by using a converter. Kuper can also be slaved to timecode to allow for synced audio. The spot was filmed at Disney’s Golden Oak Ranch on a Phantom high-speed camera.

Promo for NBC’s new J.J. Abrams show, “Believe”, features Kelly Sweet’s cover of Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight”.

Longmire – Behind the Scenes – Filmed with the Cheetah Dolly

Longmire – Behind the Scenes

A very fast track move used to freeze action for Longmire. The high-speed Cheetah motion control dolly has a top speed of 20 Feet Per Second, while remaining completely precise and repeatable. The scene was filmed with a Phantom high-speed camera in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Cheetah high-speed track drive can also be used on our Graphlite, Gazelle, and Impala motion control cranes.

Motion Control Operator: Paul Maples
Motion Control Tech: Craig Shumard
Motion Control Tech: Adam Francis
Motion Control Tech: Chris Paxson

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Hankook Tires “Brakes” Commercial, Behind the Scenes

Hankook Tires “Brakes” Commercial, Behind the Scenes

For this commercial, the Gazelle was outfitted with the Cheetah high-speed track drive for very fast track speeds. Multiple passes were filmed , so the braking car could appear to stop within inches of the cars in front of it. Perfect repeatability at very high speeds were required to acheive the effect.

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HTC Rezound™ Commercial

This commercial was filmed with the Gazelle Motion Control Crane and our Cheetah high-speed servo track drive system. Passes were filmed at multiple frame rates for a dramatic effect.

Behind the Scenes with the Gazelle

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