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io9.com Article Highlights the Importance of the Use of Miniatures in Interstellar

In the io9.com article “Interstellar Is the Best and Worst Space Opera You’ll Ever See“, author Annalee Newitz highlights the importance of the extensive use of miniatures in Interstellar. In it she writes, “Nolan shot the film using a lot of practical effects, and this really matters when it comes to the spaceship sequences. The pilot Cooper (a scenery-chewing Matthew McConaughey) and his crew are in a ring-shaped vessel called the Endurance, and every time the landing ships dock with it you can see the telltale wobbles that reveal this isn’t a perfect, clean CGI creation. I’m not saying the ships look like models — in fact, they look more realistic than anything digital. There’s a feeling of heft and fragility that you get with practical effects that CGI never achieves, and it’s perfect for this story”. While the author doesn’t love everything about the movie, she does point out an undeniable fact about the film. The spaceship scenes look beautifully realistic.

These models were built by New Deal Studios and were filmed with the Graphlite and other motion control equipment from Pacific Motion. Kuper operator, Joshua Cushner and techs, Craig Shumard, Adam Francis, and Garritt Hampton spent several weeks at new deal moving cameras and equipment. The end result is spectacular.


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ABC Promo Sunday Night Promo

ABC Sunday Night Promo

The Graphlite motion control crane was used to shoot the stair shots from 0:32 to 0:42. This shot was extensively pre-vised in Maya, using our Graphlite Maya Model and the move was imported into our Kuper motion control software. The shot mixed live-action, CG elements and intricate set design to extend the circular staircase.

Pioneer Corn Commercial Uses Motion Control to Marry Live Action and CGI

Pioneer Corn – 2008

This Pioneer Corn commercial used motion control to seamlessly marry live-action and CGI.

Computer Animation is used to show the high-tech side of pioneer corn. These effects are married to a single live-action shot, featuring a slow sweeping camera move. Motion Control move data was provided to the post house to and imported in to MAYA to model the camera move in the virtual realm.

Kuper motion control software is able to export motion control data as an ASCII data file, which can easily be imported into MAYA and other 3D modeling and CG programs.

This commercial is a great example of how motion control photography can be used to seamlessly add CGI elements to live-action while incorporating precision camera movement.Graphlite Motion Control Camera Crane in a cornfield for the filming of a Pioneer Corn Commercial

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Black Eyed Peas – “Boom Boom Pow”

Black Eye Peas – “Boom Boom Pow”

Filmed with the Graphlite motion control camera crane.

Produced by Motion Theory
Motion Control Operator – Mike Leben
Motion Control Technician – Adam Francis

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