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BRITDOC Impact Award Spot – Time-Lapse

BRITDOC Impact Award Spot

BRITDOC Impact Award Spot – Behind the Scenes

This ad for the BRITDOC Impact Award was shot with a multi-stage motion control slider (linear mover) and the Talon pan/tilt head from Pacific Motion Control. The head was used as a repeat head and controlled by the Talon controller. The slider was controlled by our stepper speed controller. While this wasn’t truly a motion control shot, in that the head and slider were not controlled by the same system and would not have repeated together, the shot only called for precise movement and this was a low cost and simple option. The DP for the shot, Dallas Sterling, is a fantastic DP who is very familiar with our equipment and just needed a simple system for this shot. We were happy to help. A Canon DSLR was used for the shot, and the zoom was accomplished in post.

Behind the Scenes with the Impala

Behind the Scenes with the Impala

The Impala impala is highly portable and customizable. For this movie shoot, the Impala had to be shipped to another state, and run on circular dolly track, straight motion control track, and set up on Steeldeck. When fitted with the Talon head, the Impala is a light, modular rig which can even be lifted into place by a few guys. The Impala was used extensively on this shoot for visual effects shots, shot on a green screen stage with practical set pieces. These shots were filmed on an Arri Alexa.

Motion Control Operator – Paul Maples
Motion Control Tech – Craig Shumard

USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center Commercial – Filmed with the Impala

USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center Commercial

USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center Commercial – Behind the Scenes

This commercial shoot provided some unique opportunities and challenges for Pacific Motion. The USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center is part of the Keck Medicine of USC. As such, it is a working hospital and is actively treating cancer patients with highly compromised immune systems. In order to shoot in such and environment the Pacific Motion had to completely clean and sterilize all of the equipment that would be working in the hospital. Prior to the shoot the equipment had to be inspected and approved for use.

The extreme portability and compact size of the Impala made many of these shots possible. The Impala had to be able to fit behind counters and in other tight spaces for many of the shots, while still providing adequate arm length for some high angles. It had to be easily able to moved to multiple locations throughout the shoot and had to fit through standard doors and halls.

The commercial was shot on a Red Epic and featured similar moves in several locations, which had to flow seamlessly from one to the next. The ability to quickly perform offsets in Kuper motion control software allowed the crew to move the rig, then slightly offset the camera position to match each move. Throughout the shoot the Impala performed flawlessly and contributed to an outstanding commercial.

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Longmire – Behind the Scenes – Filmed with the Cheetah Dolly

Longmire – Behind the Scenes

A very fast track move used to freeze action for Longmire. The high-speed Cheetah motion control dolly has a top speed of 20 Feet Per Second, while remaining completely precise and repeatable. The scene was filmed with a Phantom high-speed camera in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Cheetah high-speed track drive can also be used on our Graphlite, Gazelle, and Impala motion control cranes.

Motion Control Operator: Paul Maples
Motion Control Tech: Craig Shumard
Motion Control Tech: Adam Francis
Motion Control Tech: Chris Paxson

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Behind the Scenes at New Deal Studios

Over the years Pacific Motion and New Deal Studios have had a great relationship. Countless projects have married the model making, miniatures, and visual effects skills of the geniuses New Deal with the motion control expertise of Pacific Motion Control. This behind-the-scenes piece features footage of several of the jobs we have collaborated on and features several of our rigs. We look forward to many more projects with the great people at New Deal Studios

Behind the scenes at New Deal Studios

A short list of our collaborations:
Shutter Island
The Lone Ranger
The Dark Knight
GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra
Real Steel
Spiderman 3
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
Many, Many more

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