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Behind the Scenes with the Impala

Behind the Scenes with the Impala

The Impala impala is highly portable and customizable. For this movie shoot, the Impala had to be shipped to another state, and run on circular dolly track, straight motion control track, and set up on Steeldeck. When fitted with the Talon head, the Impala is a light, modular rig which can even be lifted into place by a few guys. The Impala was used extensively on this shoot for visual effects shots, shot on a green screen stage with practical set pieces. These shots were filmed on an Arri Alexa.

Motion Control Operator – Paul Maples
Motion Control Tech – Craig Shumard

NBC “Believe” Promo – Filmed with the Cheetah Dolly

NBC “Believe” Promo 2 “Feel It”

NBC “Believe” Promo 2 “Feel It” – Behind the Scenes

This promo is called “Feel It” and was filmed with the Cheetah high-speed motion control Dolly from Pacific Motion Control. The Cheetah dolly was used to film multiple passes, including background plates, special effects (cars falling), and actor passes. In a shot like this, many times actors are filmed separately from special effects for safety. These multiple passes are then combined in post for a seamless effect. In order to ensure that all passes match, Kuper motion control software provides camera sync, via a shutter pulse from film or professional digital cameras (Red Epic, Arri Alexa), or through video sync (Genlock) by using a converter. Kuper can also be slaved to timecode to allow for synced audio. The spot was filmed at Disney’s Golden Oak Ranch on a Phantom high-speed camera.

Promo for NBC’s new J.J. Abrams show, “Believe”, features Kelly Sweet’s cover of Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight”.

Regions Mobile Banking Commercial – Filmed with the Impala and Bogey Dolly

Regions Mobile Banking Commercial “Give Life the Green Light”

Behind the Scenes – Regions Mobile Banking “Give Life the Green Light”

Shot on location at a school in LA, and at the LA zoo. All of the shots at the school were done with the Impala and all of the zoo shots were with the Bogey dolly. The commercial was shot on an Arri Alexa.

The hero motion control passes were all recorded live using encoders. The dolly and arm were operated using our t-bar encoder, which allows motorcycle throttle style control over dolly speed and boom. The head was operated live with our wheels encoders, and focus was controlled with our Preston FiZ motion control interface, allowing the use of the industry standard Preston FiZ II hand unit and motors.

The School and Zoo shots were all completed in a single day, while fighting changing weather and waning sun.

Most of the school shots were done in a light rain, with the Impala covered by a few trash bags. All of our gear is completely portable and suitable for any location. We have shot in the most extreme conditions, including snow and extreme cold, rain, desert windstorms and extreme head, and rising tides on the beach.

Motion Control Operator (Impala) – Paul Maples
Motion Control Tech (Impala) – Jordan Hristov
Motion Control Operator (Bogey Dolly) – Rob Menapace
Motion Control Tech (Bogey Dolly) – Garritt Hampton

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Special Olympics Texas Spot – Filmed at Pacific Motion Control with the Graphlite

Special Olympics Texas from Landia on Vimeo.

These spots were filmed for Special Olympics Texas, for their “We See Abilities” ad campaign>. They were filmed on the stage at Pacific Motion Control, with the Graphlite motion control camera crane. Multiple passes were filmed, at multiple frame rates, both forward and reverse, to allow for the multiple elements to appear in each piece. The safety and comfort of the babies was the highest priority on set and the Graphlite allowed for safely and precisely moving the camera very close to the children. The spots were filmed on an Arri Alexa.

Production Company – Latinworks
Production Company – Landia
Artist – Queenie Liao
Director – Carlos Lopez Estrada
Motion Control Operator – Joshua Cushner
Motion Control Tech – Garritt Hampton

Behind the Scenes

Photos for the Print Campaign by Queenie Liao

Zumba Fitness World Party Video Game

Zumba Fitness World Party

Zumba Fitness World Party has just been released for the Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii U, and Nintendo Wii. The Graphlite motion control crane was used to capture the movement of all of the dancers and to film intros to each level. Pacific Motion Control worked closely with Ron Fischer and the crew at Universal’s UVS1 to provide real-time compositing and accurate move data for post production. Move data was streamed in real-time to Ron and his Lightcraft Previzion system, and live composites of the dancers on CGI backgrounds were able to be viewed by the production crew. This move data was then used in post production to seamlessly integrate the moving shots of live dancers into the digitally created world of the game. The footage was shot on an Arri Alexa.

Production Company: Majesco Entertainment
Director: Katie Boyum
Motion Control Operator: Les Bernstein
Motion Control Tech: Craig Shumard
Motion Control Tech: Garritt Hampton

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