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Gone Girl Features Liberal use of Pacific Motion Talon Head

A recent American Cinematographer Magazine article highlighted the extensive use of the Talon head from Pacific Motion. Jeff Cronenweth, ASC used the Talon head for precise camera movement in tight setups. Said Cronenweth, “In this kind of movie, it is all about the intimacy of the camera with the characters”. The Talon provides extreme precision and ability to be operated remotely, in a compact and quiet package that allows the camera to be placed very close to actors without the intrusion of an operator.

American Cinematographer has featured Pacific Motion’s work and equipment several times. Check out the magazine at www.theasc.com.

Gone Girl Amer Cine211102014_0000

Gone Girl Amer Cine Cover11102014_0000

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The Maine “Into Your Arms” Production Featured in American Cinematographer Magazine

In their October 2009 issue, American Cinematographer Magazine featured a three page article on the production of The Maine’s music video for the song “Into Your Arms”. The video was directed by Aaron Platt, produced by Justin Cronkite, and edited by Hank Friedmann. It was shot in one day, at Ontario International Airport. The production used a Red One camera on a motion control dolly provided by Pacific Motion Control, and featured three separate setups with 80′ of track each. Joshua Cushner served as the motion control operator, and Adam Francis and Garritt Hampton were the motion control technicians.

The Maine “Into Your Arms”

The Maine “Into Your Arms” – Behind The Scenes
Aaron Platt, American Cinematographer Magazine Article

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