Audi A4 “Progress is Beautiful” Commercial, for the 2008 Summer Olympics.

This commercial was shot on a stage in Los Angeles, and represents a very unique use of motion control. Three different Motion Control rigs were used, at the same time, during the shoot. Pacific Motion Control Provided a Graphlite live-action motion control crane, with a 32″ boom extension, which was used as the “Sun” it carried a 20K light on a long arc that represented the transition from dawn, to midday, to dusk. A Milo was used to shoot the interiors, and another motion control dolly on 10 foot high Steeldeck, was used on the opposite side of the stage from the Graphlite, to carry another large light. All three rigs had to be synchronized to achieve the desired effect. The end result is beautiful.

Graphlite Motion Control Operator: Paul Maples
Graphlite Motion Control Technician: Craig Shumard
Second Motion Control Technician: Garritt Hampton