Jordan Flight Plate Innovation Film featuring King Bach
Technodolly Operator: Paul Maples
Technodolly Tech: Garritt Hampton
Director: Seth Epstein

Old Navy Presents: The New T Machine
Filmed with the Technodolly
Technodolly Operator: Anthony Jacques
Technodolly Tech: Adam Francis

Sony HMD Commercial Shot with Technodolly

Behind the Scenes – Sony HMD Commercial Shot with Technodolly

Very Fast, Precision Move with the Technodolly

Technodolly and Gazelle Working Together
The Technodolly was used as the sun in this motion control miniatures shoot. The operator was Anthony Jacques from Arf and Co.

Technodolly Tests at the Supertechno Factory in Pilsen

Technodolly with 3D Beamsplitter Rig

Technodolly Greenscreen and Virtual Set