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Author Topic: Hardware Upgrades/Necessities
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Post Hardware Upgrades/Necessities
on: November 30, 2012, 12:30

Some of these we have already done, or will do soon. I have added this list here to help others out.

Red Epic Sync Cable - You can use the Red cable "3BNC-TO-00 SYNC CABLE". We have modified one of these so it just has a single sync connection. We used a CPC 11-4 connection, because this is what we use for our Kuper systems, but you could go straight to the 2 pin Lemo used on the Technodolly for sync. I will include a separate post with instructions for getting sync, at multiple frame rates from the Epic.

Spare Pickle Cable, 10'
- The 6' cable is a little short, and this seems like a very likely point of failure.

Bloop Extension cables 2, 50' - These were needed on our recent "Wizards" job. We were on a pretty long track run, with the console about 25' from the track and I could barely get the bloop light into position a few times. - Side note: I would love it if the cable disconnected from the bloop light.

Power Strip on Console - You have to be able to charge your iPhone.

Velcro on side of arm for marks, and Velcro arrows. Not being from a grip house or crane company, it was a revelation to me that you could use Velcro along the side of the weight track, with Velcro arrows to mark positions. There was a 24' Technojib on the "Wizards" job. The operator was a genius, and a very cool guy - He had done this. Pictures attached.

Add Metal Straps to the handle side of the tool cart. - We threaded a metal rod into a couple of the holes on the handle side of the rolling tool box. This allows us to store our handles and steering lock bar in the tool cart. The threaded metal rod worked for a while, then bent and fell out. Upgraded fix will involve aluminum straps and rivets.

Lable Big Lemos on base - RED, BLACK, GREY




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