• Can the camera head and focus, zoom and iris run automatically?
    Yes, every axis can be programmed. Additionally, the Technodolly can be operated completely live (like a normal Technocrane). Live moves can also be recorded and repeated.
  • Can I run the crane automatically and control the camera head manually?
    Yes, you can lock the movement of the crane, head or lens into the programmed move. Alternatively, the grip, cameraman or focus puller can do their work manually.
  • Can programmed moves be changed?
    Yes, camera paths and timing can be edited. Keyframes can be replaced or changed, and new keyframes can be added before, between, or after existing keyframes.
  • Can I extend the move to the front and to the back?
    Yes, by adding key frames before the first frame or after the last frame.
  • Can the TECHNODOLLY be rented without an operator?
    A qualified operator and tech always accompany the Technodolly.
  • How many moves can be stored?
    Virtually Unlimited.
  • How many key frames can be used for one move?
    Virtually Unlimited.
  • Does the TECHNODOLLY need to be returned to zero or taken home in between moves, or if it is turned off?
    No, the TECHNODOLLY always knows its position. The TECHNODOLLY uses very advanced “absolute position” encoders so it never loses position, even when it is powered off.
  • Can I work with several moves at the same time?
    Yes, with the Go To command you can travel between any key frames of any move. Multiple moves can be stored and recalled at any time.
  • Can I manipulate the move while the TECHNODOLLY program is moving?
    Yes, the operator can manually control the speed along the path. You can also override pan, tilt, roll and zoom while the TECHNODOLLY is moving automatically.
  • Can you scale the moves?
    Yes, moves can be scaled or offset.
  • Can the TECHNODOLLY be used to shoot multiple passes?
    Yes, once moves are programmed, they will repeat precisely, as many times as you need. The TECHNODOLLY is perfect for “twinning”, changing background or foreground elements, and greenscreen/bluescreen shooting. With the bloop-plate (LED flasher) you can start the shoot precisely and match the passes.
  • How can I import a TECHNODOLLY move into my CGI program?
    You can get a simple ASCII file of cartesian camera positions, camera angles and lens data over time.
  • Is real-time tracking data available for use with systems like Brainstorm/Vizrt/ORAD?
    Yes, the TECHNODOLLY exports tracking data on a RS232/RS485 interface (ethernet will be supported soon).
  • Can I run my CGI move with the TECHNODOLLY?
    Yes, as long as you do not exceed the kinetic limitations of the TECHNODOLLY.
  • Will the TECHNODOLLY pass through a standard door?
    Yes, it is 2’6″ (78 cm) wide and 6’7″ (2.08 meters) high.
  • How noisy is the TECHNODOLLY?
    The TECHNODOLLY uses very advanced direct drive motors which allow the rig to move precisely, without backlash and gear noise. The head, boom, and swing are nearly silent. Track and telescope use cable drive systems which create some noise, and lens motors are geared and are equivalent to Preston motors. We have shot many sound sync projects with the Technodolly, and as noise is usually not an issue.
  • How precise is the TECHNODOLLY?
    The TECHNODOLLY is better than +/- 0.2 mm. With the telescoping crane arm fully extended, moves will repeat with a precision of less than .008 inches (0.2 mm). As a point of reference, two sheets of paper are about .008 thick.
  • What is the maximum lens height of the TECHNODOLLY?
    15′ 4″ (4.5 meters).
  • How fast is the TECHNODOLLY?
    Max speed is around 2.3 meters per second (7.5 feet per second) – This is a straight line move combining track, swing and telescope. Max track speed is around 6.5 feet/second (2 meters/second), and the telescopic arm can move at 3.25 feet/second (1 m/sec).
  • How much track comes with the TECHNODOLLY?
    Up to 59 feet (18 meters) of track can be used with the TECHNODOLLY, but the TECHNODOLLY can also be used without any track.
  • How much electric power do we need to run the TECHNODOLLY?
    4, 20 Amp 115V circuits are needed to run the TECHNODOLLY.
  • How many people come with a TECHNODOLLY?
    Two. An operator and tech go with the TECHNODOLLY.
  • How much time do we need to be ready for shooting?
    This depends on a few factors. For most shoots, it takes around 1 1/2 hours to unload and set up the Technodolly. This assumes that we can park the truck reasonably close to where we are shooting, that there is easy access for the equipment (stage door, no stairs, no elevators), and that the surface that the rig is being set up on is firm and level. If a long track run (40′ or more) needs to be laid, you should plan for 2 hours under these same conditions. Remember, these are rules of thumb and can vary greatly depending on the location and access. It is always helpful to have the tech attend tech/location scouts.