Jordan Flight Plate Innovation Film featuring King Bach
Technodolly Operator: Paul Maples
Technodolly Tech: Garritt Hampton
Director: Seth Epstein

In the words of the director, “shot over a long day, King Bach played 10+ characters (not all of em made it ). Shot on Red and using motion control we created a single camera move where he comes into scene as different characters”.

For this shot, which appears as an approximately 250′ continous track move, we set up 60′ of track on a green cyclorama stage in Hollywood. We programmed a very simple, 2 keyframe camera move, tracking straight back with the arm offset away from the track. The whole track move was approximately 50′ long and had to be a consistent speed. Using the maximum cartesian speed function on the Technodolly, we set a top track speed of about 1 Meter per second, then repeated the move many times as King Bach played numerous different characters (Twinning Shot). The same move was used to film additional actors (athletes), some of whom appear in the final commercial and some who don’t. The Technodolly worked continuously for around 17 hours without any problems and the quiet operation of the Technodolly allowed all of the dialog to be recorded live.