Pacific Motion Control just completed work on the Impala motion control camera crane! The compact size and flexibility of the new Impala made shooting a recent independent short film possible. The project was shot at a very small house in Van Nuys, and because of the rig’s light weight, compact size, and relatively long arm the rig was able to acheive shots that no other motion control rig could. During one shoot day, 4 separate setups and very complicate shots were completed, with two setups in a very small kitchen, and two in a small living room, with the track laid in a very narrow space between a wall and a bed. The house had a very high step in the entry way, and the Impala’s light weight allowed it to be easily lifted in to the location by 2 men.

With a width of less than 32 inches, the Impala is able to pass through standard doorways. The light weight and compact frame of the Impala allow it to fit in standar elevators, or to be carried up stairs by a few people.