Cylcone Overhead Cylcone Ground Configuration

The Cyclone is a one-of-a-kind motion control rig. Similar to circular dolly track, It allows for continuous rotations around a stationary central point. However, unlike circular dolly shots, the Cyclone allows much faster rotations, continuous rotations (without dragging cables around track), and faster and simpler setups (no track leveling). The Cyclone can be used either on the ground with a fixed platform in the center, or hung from above allowing unobstructed views below. The Cyclone is normally outfitted with our Talon Pan/Tilt Head, which can be operated live as a remote head, or used as a repeat head. Additionally, the Cyclone and Head can be programmed and operated from Kuper motion control software for perfect repeatability, precision, and extreme control over your shots. The camera pedestal height can be easily adjusted to allow for a wide range of camera angles, or to accommodate actors of different heights, and the cyclone is completely portable and able to be shipped anywhere in the world.

Cyclone Specs

Cyclone Pictures and Videos

Hugo Boss “This is Boss” Commercial