bogey dolly - live action motion control dolly for motion pictures, television and commercials. available with a Pan/Tilt or Pan/Tilt/Roll Head

Bogie Dolly and Cheetah Dolly

When you don’t need the full range of motion provided by our Zebra, Gazelle, or Graphlite motion control rigs, our extensive line of motion control dollies could be the answer. Our Motion Control dollies come standard with 36 feet of track, and a Pan/Tilt or Pan/Tilt/Roll head, and can be used with shorter, or much longer track runs. Our new Cheetah Dolly is able to travel at a blinding 18 feet per second, for tracking the fastest live-action subjects, including professional athletes at full speed. Our dollies can be configured for narrow or wide gauge track, for doorway access, and can be used on curved or straight track.


Controls and Encoders

A variety of controls and encoders, including P/T/R wheels, hand wheels, pan bar, t-bar, and Preston FIZ controls, are available for performing realtime live-action moves, which can be precisely repeated.

Preston FIZ 2 -Focus Iris Zoom Lens Controls - Interface for Motion Contol

Preston FI+Z

Our Preston Interface allows us to precisely control Preston Lens motors, and interface with Preston 1 or 2 series hand controls, for familiar and reliable lens control. We also can supply our own complete Preston 2 kit for your next shoot.

Large Motion Control Turn TableSmall Motion Control Turntable

Turntables, Model Movers, and Accessories

Pacific Motion has an extensive collection of motion control turntables, rotators, model movers, motion contol variacs, and other accessories. If you have a special motion control need, chances are, we have the perfect solution, and if we don’t, ask us about our custom motion control solutions.

Motion Control Linear Mover

Pacific Motion Control has a Motion Control Linear Mover with approximately 3 feet of travel, and a maximum load capacity of 500 lbs. Its motion is frame accurate and fully repeatable, and is controlled with Kuper Motion Control Software. The slider can be run in sync with any of our motion control camera rigs, turn tables, motion control camera heads, or motion control accessories.