overhead graphlite gantry motion control system

The all-new overhead Graphlite rig is our latest motion control camera system. While overhead motion control camera systems are not new to the film industry, the capabilities of the overhead Graphlite are unmatched. Due to new engineering features designed by Mike Sorensen at Sorensen Design Int., we now have a rig that can be mounted overhead with all of the same features that it has while working on the ground. The rig makes it possible to shoot a whole new range of shots in a way that were previously not possible. We recently used it on a feature film rigged overhead on 48 feet of track (see photos and videos). The shots included everything from a 48-foot track move with boom/swing/pan/and tilt axis weaving through 100 extras, a 1080 degree continuous swing move, and a 48-foot track move with a boom move that incorporated a 360 degree pan move while directly over the talent. The rig can be programed for an exact repeatable camera move, or we are also able to have all axis operated live from remote encoders by the film crew. It is equally comfortable shooting live action as it is shooting miniatures.

Some of the benefits to using the Overhead Graphlite rig are:

  • The ability to shoot an overhead circular shot without ever seeing the rig or track.
  • No obstructions on the set so cast, crew, and set design can move around freely.
  • Able to do camera tracking moves on a set that is uneven, has multiple levels, or has obstructions.
  • Ability to move rig from shot to shot, in different locations of the set, quickly, without having to disturb or move anything on the set.

The feature film that the Graphlite worked on was shot with a 3D camera system weighing 90lbs. There were several shots that would have been traditionally operated by a steady cam operator, but due to the weight, and multiple levels to the set, it was impossible to shoot with a Steadicam. In Addition the set had two levels and with the rig mounted overhead we were able to perform tracking shots at ground level and at the second level of the set.

Overhead Graphlite Pictures

Overhead Graphlite Specs

Tuborg Commercial

Tron Legacy