The Bogey Dolly motion control camera base is a track system that can either be programmed to do a tracking move, or operated live with an encoder control, and then played back through Kuper motion control software. In addition it can also be used in the “non motion control mode” with our motor speed controller to accomplish a consistent precision tracking speed. You can use it as a tracking system only, or mount a pan/tilt or pan/tilt/roll head to it. Camera lens height can be set at a fixed position ranging from 6in to 8ft. by using anything from a low hat to tall camera sticks. In addition an offset arm can be added for repositioning of the camera head. It can either ride on our Sorensen Design track, which is extremely stable and still light enough to take anywhere, or different diameters of curved track. Track speed can range from time lapse mode to 18ft per second, with track runs ranging from 4ft to 150ft. The Bogey Dolly can be utilized to move a wide range of objects other than a camera such as: lights, props or people.

Physical Specs:

Width: 30 in. to 6 ft.
Length: 30 in. to 8 ft.
Base Height: 14 in.

Tech Specs:

Track Width = 24″ or 32″
Track Drive = Gear Drive (Rack and Pinion – Stepper or Servo Motor)
Top Speed = 12 Feet Per Second
Motion Control Axes = Up to 7 Standard (Track, Pan, Tilt, Roll, Focus, Iris, Zoom) – Custom Configurations available

bogey dolly - live action motion control dolly for motion pictures, television and commercials. available with a Pan/Tilt or Pan/Tilt/Roll Head