3 Axis Model Mover and Slider – Coors Light

Model Mover – Samsung “Accolades” Commercial

Linear Movers

Interstellar Movie – Official Teaser – Filmed with the Graphlite and huge turntable and model mover, used to move a spaceship model that was appromiately 20′ in diameter and weighed approximately 2500 lbs.
Interstellar Movie – Official Trailer
Interstellar Movie – Official Trailer 2
Interstellar Movie – Official Trailer 3

Overhead Light Rotator

2 Stage Linear Mover

“Little Big Head” – Compact Motion Control Pan/Tilt/Roll

Model Mover – Samsung “Accolades” Commercial

Audi “Progress is Beautiful” – Graphlite with 20K light

Motion Control Golf Club Swinging Rig -Nike Tiger Woods Commercial

Large Motion Linear Mover

Motion Control Actuator Closing Dishwasher Drawer

Bogey Dolly on Circular Track – Tsubaki Commercial Behind the Scenes

Overhead Graphlite – SyFy Behind the Scenes “Worlds Collide” Promo

Overhead Graphlite – Tuborg Commercial

The Cyclone

“The Watchmaker” – Gazelle, Large Turntable

Blue Mo-Fi Commercial – Gazelle, 2-Axis Model Mover
Blue Mo-Fi Commercial – Blue Mo-Fi Commercial 2

Bud Light Lime Cran-Brrr-Rita – Impala used to move can across iced bar