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Golf Club Swinging Motion Control Rig – Nike Tiger Woods Commercial

Pacific Motion prides itself on being able to provide exactly the right motion control gear for the job. Sometimes that means building a custom rig. In this case, the client needed to film the perfect golf swing for a Nike Tiger Woods commercial. We can do that. We built this motion control golf club swinging rig using one of our Sorensen Design International motion control camera heads, a second Sorensen rotator, a head extension, and a little bit of secret sauce. The rig was able to perform a perfect golf swing, smoothly and repeatedly hitting a ball with perfect precision.

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 for Nintendo Wii Comercial

The Graphlite motion control camera crane was recently used to film a commercial for Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Nintendo Wii. The commercial was filmed on a stage in Mexico, demonstrating that even our largest motion control rig is fully portable. In this case, the Graphlite, Kuper motion control computer system, and track were all packed into cases and flown to Mexico. Multiple setups and motion control passes were used to make it appear as if the actors are in a spherical world, and able to run, jump, and flip like Mario.

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